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Snail Girl

Snail Girl

Snail Girl emerged about eight years ago as I was contemplating a downsized life. I realized the less I had to shackle me the more focused my creative practice became and the more time I had to connect with others. Snail girl walks light carrying all she needs in her snail shell. Her snail shell back pack floats lightly on her back as she strides along the trail.

The first two versions of snail girl were a combination of printmaking, layered with wire, lead bb’s, paper cut outs and resin on board. The third was painting with etching inks directly onto the glass of a window. This piece became the inspiration for a persons entire remodel of their kitchen. It was through seeing this third “ Snail Girl” that Zalia commissioned me to paint two more but in new colors. In the process of remodeling her house in SF she removed two old windows and brought them to me to create “ Snail Girl 4 and 5.

The message remains the same today. How much do we need to remain light and clear in our days? This is different for each of us. What clutters our lives, our thoughts ,our days and how can we practice a more simplified life where there is enough for ourselves, for others and perhaps a place where awareness and sensitivity grows beyond our singular focus.

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