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The River art Series 

The source for the series 


In the fall of 2021 I was invited to be part of the River Art Project, a fundraiser for the Petaluma Float House Boat Rental Center. With camera in hand and sunset before me I stepped aboard a small water craft to be carried down the river on a king tide. Camera set to slow shutter and long light trails I captured over one hundred images that became my reference for a series of monoprints about the river. Working small on a 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 plate a series of 100 small prints were created. Ten were donated to the fundraiser, the rest continue to make their way out into the world. The next phase of this series pushes me to a larger 22x 28 inch plate. Two hanging on the drying line in the print shop, hot off the press ignited with motion,one just went out the door and into a life. More to come as the river is right outside my door.

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