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Figurative Form

     Life is full of uncertainty that is a guarantee . As though she is surrounded by an ominous dark presence “she” is light and with confidence she leans forward towards the cliff edge to find what is around the corner. “She “ is “Cliff Girl”. A layered mono print that has been adhered to wood and sealed with resin. “She” is also “ Throwing Caution to the Wind”. The woman walking swiftly into the red forest. I start with a small gestural sketch . After enlarging the sketch  I begin  creating a mono print. The image comes to mind when converting an emotion , any emotion that may be evoked from my own life or the world around me, into a figurative form.  The female form is most familiar to me therefore I use the lines of a woman/girl to express such emotions. Recently I used the same idea applying it to Vessel Form.  I was pleased when viewers experienced similar emotions reacting to the Vessel Forms as they did the figurative form.


                         It is a  new day. I awake hungry for more of what yesterday offered. I slip out of bed donning layers ,then shoes  and rinse my face before stepping out. Make it quick before my mind gets task distracted, reminding myself that Andrew Wyeth Walked the nearby hills every day.  iPhone in pocket prepared to shoot what I see or to take notes on what comes to mind.  One fine tip sharpie  and a note card in the other pocket for a quick sketch if one arises. Once hiking my mind bursts with creative ideas while the morning air and surroundings fill me with inspiration. This is where it starts.  


,                                     My art deals directly with the emotions of  human existence. From  gray mundane struggles to  passionate dark holes full of light. I speak through line and color using familiar shapes as the vehicle to carry the expression of emotion. I am currently building on several bodies of work where emotion comes before form. Using one of a handful of forms I take that emotion using it to direct the outcome of the piece. As to be expected , with each piece new ideas arise, leaving me hungry to explore the next work.



 Snail Girl walks lightly throughher world carrying what she needs upon her back. Monoprint,wire,ink,wood paper resin
monoprint,ink,wood,leaves,resin.layers,time passing ,evolving,the beauty throughout the layers.
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