Jennifer Mygatt Tatum

Artist Description

...... Daily state of mind the cause of action. Instinct as the source of confidence. Figurative line and vessel avenues of artistic expression.  The line of one vessel moves through to the next . Subtle and similar at times then abruptly turning in another direction.  Trusting the truth of the day, following the gut, resisting conditioned thoughts while weaving fear into the the line of what holds or does not hold us .  Hours of change incorporated into expressions of daily life. Clarity, constrained chaos, close to empty, heading south then moving north.  Creative, clean and balanced greeted by thin but not cracking. Narrow veins of a life lived too long yet wanting more.  Floating frit of color available to the eyes but not the touch. Straining through where one gets caught. Trusting the supplies at hand and on the floor. Allowing time for Conversations, feeding the bounty of ideas, walk more with people. Step out to feed, step in to pour. Staying true to the life in the gesture and questioning what draws the mind to refine it. In light and dark worlds collide and penetrate.  One can not exist with out the other. The under current of each day rises to the surface unfolding and forming into expressions of common thread. No waiting for inspiration.  No telling when the magic will slip in or who you may reach in the moments considered inspired or perhaps empty.


                                                                         ..........Jennifer Mygatt Tatum


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