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Heading 1


   A few years ago I stopped everything that I was doing .I Simply stopped in my tracks and began observing everything .I realized my current creative process no longer served me.I challenged my body clock and its established patterns.It began with taking in the dawn. Sitting in the darkness of my living room and watching dawns light pour in as if the walls were literally being painted with light . Next were visits to fire lookout towers in the forests, Death Valley at sunset, the sand dunes at dawn, Iceland in the dark of winter. I wandered storing up visions and sensations .

             Standing on top of a sand dune at dawn in a wide brimmed hat I captured my cast shadow long and wide in the valley of the dune . The wandering woman image began here. I sketched her, painted her, cut her out of paper and out of steel, covered her with resin and sculpted her out of joint compound.

  I create art as a means to further understand each phase of my life and to create a door way of communication between the observer and the observed. Through connective gestures It is my hope to stir conversation . A path way to connect the commonalities we innately share . 

       The wandering woman does not represent a specific state of mind but more a being state of mind . She is unfolding within herself while expanding into larger numbers representing a greater collective consciousness.

   All of my pieces begin in nature where there is a convergence of my thoughts and visualizations. I capture these through gestural sketches.The work evolves reflecting experiences current to my daily life. For example ; teaching students about the emotion a wave can express, seeing mountain bluebirds repeatedly on my morning walk or hearing a tale of making space for light by throwing rocks into the ocean. I use imagery of simplified landscapes, pathways, valleys , vast distances and space to suggest the spiritual landscape of the wandering woman .

      In the past ten years I have been experimenting with a reactive polymer compound using it to layer and clear coat my work. In my most recent work I have begun experimenting with the textural quality of joint compound, various paints , glazes and acrylic sealer. Texture and depth consistently appear in all my work .

© Copyright 2023. No animals were harmed in the making

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